Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Zest For Living

A zest for living is essential for any long term worthwhile achievement. Why?... because of the many obstacles that must be overcomed. Only a purpose and a goal you believe in are strong enough to surmount temporary setbacks and defeats. Without such a goal and purpose, the first ill wind would be more than enough reason for the vast majority to give up on their dreams.

So many people stop living and start existing. Their eyes, faces, expressions, demur, attitudes and every fiber of their being tell the world they have given up the quest and are now defeated.
We personally don't believe anyone wants to live in poverty.

We personally don't believe anyone wants to be a loser in life. Unfortuantely, so many people have given up. So many people are worn down and worn out until they can no longer hope or believe again.

Many people are laboring under an illogical assumption called: "Immortality of the body". This insidious assumption prevents millions of people from being all they can become. These unfortunate people have been victimized by the mass media and psuedo-intellectuals into believing there is always time to change, time to do better, time to make dreams realities. Because of this false mentality, people sqaunder away their talents, money and their most priceless possession... time, in all kinds of non-productive activities that are tension relieving instead of goal achieving.

Most people work to get through the week with enough money to spend on the weekends. These people hope that the winds of fate will blow them into a mysterious port that has the answers to all their problems.
They look forward to retiring in the future on their pensions and social security and live on a fantasy island somewhere.

By failing to take control of their lives, set reachable goals, these people are actually planning to fail by default. They will reap their just rewards for their haphazard non productive approach to living.
Statistics show the average working man or woman that retires at age 65 is dead by age 72. On average, without this zest for life, you can expect to live only 7 years, If you retire at age 65.

As an IMG.Ws Associate, don't let this happen to you. Care enough about your life to keep your hopes and dreams alive.
Remind yourself constantly, to do it now, make it happen, enjoy life now, while you still can. You have billions upon billions of years to rest after you have lived your life to the fullest.

You don't have time to be afraid, to get caught up in fads and idiotic notions. Begin a personal mission to change your life for the better... and
Do it now... Not tomorrow... Next week... Next month... or... Next Year... Start Now..Today. It would be a sad day indeed, if you were to leave this life..without ever knowing the thrill and enjoyment of making your dreams come true.