Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How To Sponsor More Effectively

Your first step to sponsoring more effectively is re-evaluate what you have been doing. If you are in a recruiting oriented commercial venture, have you been trying to sponsor?

If you are in a sponsor oriented business venture, have you been trying to recruit? The second thing you need to do is accurately determine the nature of your current business venture.

Are you in a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation that requires use or consumption of a product to generate income; whereby, growth involves building a distributor network?

If the answer is Yes, In order to sponsor more effectively, you need to develop or improve one-on-one communications and your people skills. You need to develop a personal sales and marketing system that compliments what the company provides with your own creative ability.

In addition, you must develop a personal management philosophy and management system. There are a number of different aspects you need to improve and it begins with analyzing your personal assets and liabilities.

Sponsoring more effectively also requires you to genuinely care about and love people, I mean really care about and love them. This is the only way you can comfortably accept responsibility for them, teach them, work with them, and help them succeed. You are their support and training system. Besides your family, the most important people in your life or your customers and the people in your organization.

You need to have extremely high levels of personal growth, commitment, product knowledge, and understanding of how your products or service benefit others. You must also love what you are doing and have high levels of self confidence, faith, belief and personal conviction.

If you haven't realized it yet, the same activities and personal attributes needed to run an effective Home Business Shop Operation, are the same activities and personal attributes you need to sponsor more effectively. Now do you understand why you can't just get bodies and build a successful Home Business Shop Operation.

You absolutely must connect with people in order to achieve large scale success. A good sponsor will always be an effective recruiter. However, a good recruiter must grow and develop before he/she can become an effective sponsorer.

If you have serious personality and character flaws, these must be overcomed in order to sponsor more effectively. If you can not master yourself, grow, develop and improve your character and personality, you are D.O.A.(Dead on Arrival) as a sponsor. "Your Personality" is the number 7 reason why so many fail in home businesses online and off.

Your personal growth and development in every aspect of your life and business is an ongoing process as a sponsor. Because being a sponsor requires so much more of an individual, this is precisely why thousands stopped sponsoring and started recruiting.

In our previous post, "How To Recruit More Effectively", we identified personality issues that prevent thousands from succeeding in home businesses and outlined the questioning down technique that is very effective for recruiting. This technique can also be used to sponsor people into your organization. Once in, you role changes to manager, teacher, organizer, trainer and leader. Review this post to learn the technique.

As a sponsorer, your knowledge and skill must be passed on to members in your downline organization. This is the essence of effective duplication. For more information on this topic, see our previous post or go to our Information Warehouse to the bin entitled: How to Recruit Or Sponsor Effectively.