Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Real Importance Of Money In Your Life

Unless you change your attitude about money, you will never understand money's real importance in your life. In addition to money's real value and role, the real importance of money in your life is: Money is also the single greatest contributor to your happiness and the happiness of others.

Those who "bug out" on life, and try to live their lives without money, are really selfish, self-centered people. They are so wrapped up in themselves, until they can not see or realize, money contributes to the happiness of others. Money is a lot more than materialistic acquisition.
You hear it all the time. Money can't buy happiness. This is true.

But, it is also true that money will buy products and services that will positively contribute to your happiness and the happiness of others. Granted, there are some rich people that are very unhappy and depressed. But all the available evidence points to the poor, and those that don't have enough money as being the most unhappy, miserable, and depressed.

There are millions of people that still believe a desire for money is wrong and sinful. These people, unfortunately, have an incorrect attitude based on an erroneous point of view. They really believe money is the root of all evil; which they claim comes from biblical scripture. This is only partially true. The correct quote is: "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil" (1st Timothy, vi 10). Money is not evil. Money is only a medium of exchange.

You don't have to love money in order to have it, but, a desire for it is absolutely necessary if you are going to acquire more than enough to get by on. People who think about money, who understand money's real role, value, and power, realize its advantages and benefits, and appreciate it, are far more like to attract money, acquire money, and have more money, than those that do not. The more you know about money, your moneymaking potential, and the more you change your attitude about money, the better off you become.