Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Importance Of Having The Right Mindset

In our previous post in this series, we briefly touched upon the importance of your mindset. Everything about you flows from your mindset. This includes; but is not limited to, your attitude, personality, ability to relate and interact with others, your ability to process information, make decisions, discipline yourself, manage yourself, develop and implement plans, organize yourself and your activities, understand yourself and others and take control of every aspect of your life.

Without the proper mindset, it is difficult if not impossible to initiate the "Self Discovery and Personal Empowerment "process.

This process is the foundation of self confidence and confidence in your abilities to reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. IMG.Ws defines "Mindset" as an intellectual position or bearing that directly affects one's ability to utilize and apply knowledge, understanding and wisdom in any endeavor or pursuit.

With the proper mindset, it is much easier to turn your pursuit of financial independence into a "Life Science". Life means to exist, to have essence, or being that is characterized by metabolism, growth, reproduction and internally initiated adaptations to the environment.

Science is knowledge as to facts, phenomena, laws and proximate causes that are verified by exact observation, organized experiment and accurate thinking. Science can also be considered the sum of universal knowledge. Since "Life Science" revolves around knowledge, it is important to know and understand how one achieves knowledge.

Nothing is more important to your success in business, and in life, than knowing the nature of your current mindset, and which mindset is the most beneficial to your personal growth and achieving your goals.

First: There is Mass Induced Knowledge: This is knowledge that comes from people around you and the mass media. If you are afflicted with mass induced knowledge, you believe something is true simply because everyone around you believes it is true.

Second: There is Theoretical Knowledge
: This knowledge is explanatory in nature and remains to be proven by using the scientific method. The vast majority of the time, individuals whose mind-set is rooted in theoretical knowledge, think they have empirical knowledge because the academic community, government, and the intellectual community have given this form of knowledge credibility.

Third: There is Subjective Knowledge: This knowledge has no basis in fact, science, or reality. With the exception of Christianity, it is the primary source of knowledge and understanding used by all religions on the planet and totalitarian governments. And.. It is the most dangerous form of knowledge. If your mind-set is heavily tilted toward subjective knowledge, you believe something is true, simply because you want to believe it is true. This belief can be in anything or anyone without evidence or proof.

Finally: There is Empirical Knowledge
: This is knowledge that comes from intelligent observation and experimentation. This knowledge is factual in nature, and generally comes from study, and piecing together various bits of information to form an objective view of reality. If your mind-set is firmly rooted in empirical knowledge, then you already have the highest form of personal knowledge, and your life should be filled with meaning and joy. If it is not, then your mind-set is one of the other three or a combination of them.

In reality, because of these 4 forms of knowledge, only two mindsets actually exist. One is the mind-set of "Empirical Knowledge". This is the mindset of science, value production, true happiness, prosperity in all its manifestations, pleasure and meaning.

The other mind-set is that of "Theoretical Knowledge", "Mass Induced Knowledge", and "Subjective Knowledge". Millions of people live out their entire lives engrossed in one of these 3 forms of knowledge. As a direct result of these 3 forms of knowledge, millions lead unhappy, confused and unproductive lives, consumed with guilt, fear, and hopelessness.

These 3 forms of knowledge and the mind-set they produce can be grouped under one heading and called "Dysfunctional Thinking". These 3 forms of knowledge collectively try to recreate, evade, or alter reality by intellectual dishonesty, rationalizations, half truths; and in far too many cases, by out right lies, deception or misinformation.

"Scam Artist" are dysfunctional thinkers. The Internet is literally a breeding ground for scam artist, dishonest and deceptive business practices and self styled gurus that mislead thousands. These people knowingly and willfully misinform for financial gain. They truly believe they are winning and winners; when in actuality, they are losing and losers.

Whenever you lie to a customer or prospective affiliate about your business, your product or service you are engaging in dysfunctional thinking. If you withhold information that is needed and necessary for any person to make an informed decision, you are engaging in dysfunctional thinking. Dysfunctional thinking can invade and permeate every aspect of your life. Who can trust a known liar or deciever? The answer: No one.

Over time, a dysfunctional mindset will destroy your effectiveness to live competently and productively. It will compromise your personal integrity and destroy any business enterprise you manage to develop for yourself. It will separate you from reality and corrupt you and everything you touch. This is as certain as the night follows day.

Instead of being deceptive and dishonest and a victim of your own dysfunctional mindset, strive to improve your mindset. Having the right mindset makes it much easier to implement and utilize proper management principles and procedures for yourself and your business enterprise. It also enhances your ability to think clearly and accurately in any situation or circumstance you encounter in your daily life or daily business routine.

Finally, having the proper mindset will lay the foundation within you for sincere and honest value production that will benefit you and others. People will trust you and have confidence in you. For more on the proper mindset, go to our Information Warehouse.