Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Your Personality
The Number 7 Reason Why So Many Fail In Home Businesses

If you decided on a Home Business Enterprise or Home Business Shop Operation, your personality will have an immediate impact on your ability to grow your business.

If you are a chronic complainer, poor worker, habitually late, have low standards or productivity, argumentative, rarely get along with others, or never seem to fit in, your chances of recruiting or sponsoring, or even selling your product or service to a large market in your town or city are slim and none.
This is also true if you are an alcoholic, drug addict, always have personal problems, family problems and/or lover problems.

If you are irresponsible, irrational, obnoxious, overly personal in your relationship with others, always gossiping, berating or belittling others or always making excuses, your chances are also extremely poor at building an organization. You will also need to change, before you get involved in an opportunity. Your chances of attracting others is not very good either.

If you have been a smuck, deadbeat, jerk, nerdy, argumentative, loner, don't like people, selfish, rude, insensitive, self centered, braggard, boastful, dope fiend, drug addict, criminal, cheat, liar, get-over artist, prostitute, child molester, or anyone of a host of other undesireable character traits, that include dysfunctional thinking, your chances of sponsoring, recruiting or selling your product or service to someone are also next to none

Tammy Twit & Denny DimWit

Negative personality traits that plague you offline will follow you online. Don't think because no one sees you or really knows you that the real you will not surface. Tammy Twit and Denny Dimwit both believe they can increase their income by starting an Internet based business.
Both Tammy and Denny have major personality problems.

Tammy is
selfish, rude, insensitive, self centered, always has personal problems, family problems, lover problems, irresponsible and irrational. Denny has Tammy's character flaws, plus he is loud, obnoxious, rude and parties a little too much. Both failed miserably trying to network in their respective community and the Internet seemed a good way to camouflage and hide their short comings from others and increase their income.

Both joined a money scheme that promised overnight riches. To market their scheme, both got auto mailing, auto respondering and mailing list servces. In addition, they scour the web daily looking for email addresses and message boxes to spam. Their ads berate and belittle people and their website is replete with strong provocative language. Idiot, fool and no brainer are constant themes in every ad copy they email or post. You have probably seen their ads.

"====>ONLY FOOLS WORK HARD.!<===="
"++++++THIS IS A NO BRAINER!+++++++"

Tammy and Denny not only spam incessantly, they also use
phony email return addresses and deception in their emails. After a year of little or no income, both resorted to scamming. If you have been on the Internet for any period of time, you have seen the handiwork of the Tammy Twits and Denny DimWits in Internet sales and marketing.

There are literally thousands of Tammys and Dennys on the Internet today. The personality flaws that hinder them offline continue to plague them online. That 's why "Your Personality" is the number 7 reason why so many fail in home businesses.

There are plenty of lessons here for Associates. We know you can figure them out for yourselves. Next - "Your PMI & PMA" - The number 8 reason why so many fail in home businesses. If you need additional support help on this post, please go to the first page in the Information Warehouse and scroll down to "Life Science".