Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How To Recruit More Effectively

The first thing you need to do to recruit more effectively is accurately determine the nature of your business venture. If you have a user based product or service, you need to develop your sponsoring skills.

If you are not up to improving your one-on-one people skills, then becoming a more effective sponsorer is not likely.

You might as well leave that venture, and find one that is bettered suited for your personality type. If you have been a smuck, deadbeat, jerk, nerdy, argumentative, loner or don't like people, selfish, rude, insensitive, self centered, braggart, boastful, dope fiend, drug addict, criminal, cheat, liar, get-over artist, prostitute or child molester.

If have these personality flaws or a host of other undesirable character traits, that include dysfunctional thinking, your chances of sponsoring someone are next to none.

This is what it will take for you to become more effective: You must first make major improvements and changes in your life, lifestyle, attitudes, concepts, and precepts if you want to work and build offline.

However, as an online recruiter for an affiliate based commercial enterprise or an Internet Based Business or Business Group, you can become very successful, because no one will ever have to meet you or know you. Your overall effectiveness will be determined by the extent and potency of your advertising, and how well you organize yourself and business activities. Your problems are offline, not online. However, you will still need to work on your personality because severe character flaws will follow you online.

If you do not have excessive character flaws and want to work online, the same method that works for smucks, nerds or jerks will work for you. However, unlike those with serious character issues, you can recruit offline. This is what it will take to recruit more effectively:

First: You need to dramatically improve your communication skills, one-on-one people skills, and develop your ability to persuade others. The best persuasion technique to use is Questioning Down. Questioning Down is a sales method that involves using a series of 6 or 7 carefully crafted Closed-ended Questions, to which, the answer is always Yes.

What you are essentially doing is Questioning Down to the Closing Question. A no answer, or negative response to any one of the questions in the series would indicate the person answering the questions is either dysfunctional or not very intelligent. For example:

Is having a safe home important to you?
Is clean fresh air better than dirty stale air?
Is fresh water, better than polluted water?
Is new cloth, better than dry rotting cloth?
Are your wife and children important to you?
If I saw gas leaking from your car, would you want me to tell you?
If I saw a person trying to burn down your house, would you want me to stop them or call the police?
If I saw you sinking in quicksand, would you want me to pull you out?
If I knew the bridge was out, would you want me tell you?
Would you like to earn $1,000.00 a week?
Is having more money important to you?
Do you want your children to have a better education?
Do you want better health care for you and your family?
Would you like to retire in comfort?
Would you like to pay off all your bills?

After 6 or 7 yes answers in a row, 95% of the time, the answer to the final Closing Question is also Yes. This technique works for anyone that does not have serious character flaws. It is extremely effective in "Warm Markets" and "Referral Markets", and with family members. If you are offering a product, service, or income opportunity, the final Closing Question is always: Why not give my product, service or income opportunity a try? For example:
You can also use Questioning Down with your family. The final Closing Question always relates to what you want your family member to do. For instance:
  • Why not clean up your room?
  • Why not mow the lawn?
  • Why not get an education?
  • Why not improve your grades?
  • Why not go to Church?
  • Why not clean your clothes?
  • Why not take me out to dinner? etc. Then shut up!!
Second: Develop an offline advertising campaign as well. The advertising venues you can use are covered in: How To Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly.

As for the rest of humanity, the same advertising methods that will help the "Good, Bad and the Ugly" recruit more effectively online will work for you. Working offline depends on a lot of different factors because of visual imagery and direct personal interaction. It's hard to believe, but there are some people that just don't like you. There are people that you don't like. Physically attractive people will always have a visual advantage over those that aren't. Tall people will have an advantage over short people.

Thin people will have an advantage over overweight people. People with no physical handicaps, will have an advantage over those that have them. However, whatever you lack physically, you can compensate with your other attributes and, believe it or not, become even more effective and successful than you physically advantaged counterparts.