Monday, April 30, 2007

How To Fast Start Your New Home Or Internet Business

It is a well know fact that those individuals that get off to a fast start do the best in running, managing and growing a home or Internet based business. What is their secret?

It is not a secret at all. If you are in a home based business that requires interactive marketing to grow and develop, you will need to learn as much as possible about your new business venture.

This is why it is so important to find a product or service you enjoy using or a
company that is marketing information that has actually helped improved your circumstances or situation.

The personal benefits you have experienced with the product, service or information, not only encourages you to tell others, it also inspires you to learn all you can about your company, its industry and your product or service. In short, it compels and propels you to become an expert at what you are doing.

Every successful entrepreneur knows his her business. If you want to experience similar success you will have to do the same. You must believe in your business. You must believe in self management, self growth and development, self actualization and becoming a mature business professional.

You must believe in and become adept at
managing your activity. Activity directed and managed toward achieving specific objectives will produce the desired results. You must develop a strong desire to become an effective and competent business owner, manager, marketer and sales person.

How Do You Earn Money?

You must know exactly how you earn income. You must believe in and master the methods, procedures and/or techniques your company uses to maximize earnings. Normally, you earn money by selling your products
and/or services in your town or city and by sponsoring or recruiting others if maximizing income requires building a distributor network. The best way to accomplish your objectives is to transform your town, county, state, region or nation into your personal "Enterprise Zone".

If you have an Internet based business, your "Enterprise Zone" is the entire world. You must work your zone and develop a customer base
to earn your income. You must also save some of your money to reinvest in more products, expanded services and/or equipment to keep your business going. You must know the features and benefits of your product, service or information. Your ultimate objective is to market and sell legitimate products and offer legitimate services to the public.

There is a limited number of people in any given town or city, and even on the Internet that will buy your product, use your service or need your information. Plus, you are competing with others that offer the same or similar product/s, service/s or information. As a new business owner, you must understand, recognize and realize your primary objective is to sell as many people in your zone as possible. Don't waste time on unproductive activities.

Your goal is to earn as much money as rapidly as possible, so you can be on the road to financial security as quickly as possible. In western society and high tech economies, this means earning and accumulating money. It is just that simple. Without money in any developed country on this planet, it's just a matter of time before you hit bottom...and then the bottom falls out.

In America, the more money you accumulate..the better off you are. To earn money in your new business venture, you must focus like a laser beam on building your customer base and/or network. The best way to build your customer base and/or network is tell people about your product, service or information by every legitimate method and means you can afford or develop on your own.

If you have enough organized and directed activity, your income will take care of itself. This is your business. Let this reality sink into your conscious and subconscious mind. You must have directed and meaningful activity. You earn income based solely on your efforts, your skills and your resourcefulness .

All the effort needed to manage and grow your business must come from you. YOU HAVE TO DO IT! This is why the rewards of business ownership can be so high...because the price of success is so high. You must develop and maintain a winning attitude and a positive enthusiastic attitude about your industry, toward your company and the product/s, service/s and/or information you are offering to the public.

How To Get Off To A Fast Start

  • Complete your registration process. Discover and then learn the tools your company has provided to help you succeed.
  • Start developing and working your "Enterprise Zone" as soon as you receive your products or access to your services..
  • Develop approaches, opening statements and a presentation if you must build offline.
  • Use A "Weekly Activity Report" to analyze your effectiveness.
  • Study your "Sales Manual" if your company provides one. Break your study sessions into 30 minute intervals per night. Or, set an objective to read five pages a night until you have read the entire manual. After you have read the entire manual, re-read the sections that will help you in specific areas; such as giving a presentation, answering objections, approaching people more effectively or goal setting...etc...
  • Always be employed on Monday. Have someone to see or make a call back on Monday...this helps you establish momentum for the entire week. Work systematically.
  • Make a sincere commitment be the best you can possibly be. Improve daily.
  • Make a sincere commitment to work your zone every day.
  • Make a sincere commitment to always do what's right.
  • Make appointments and follow-up. (offline only)
  • Have a good positive attitude toward yourself and your business.
  • Study and learn your business and work constantly toward realizing your dreams.
  • Realize all sales and marketing is a numbers business and a business of momentum.
  • Be a person your customers/clients can rely on.

Your Objectives

  • Make As Much Money As Quickly As Possible. Collapse the time frame to get trained. Occasional or casual activity will not give you enough continuity to build a good customer base. To become proficient, youmust have a lot of activity.
  • Work Your Enterprise Zone.
  • Set Goals: Goals will help you do the things that need to be done in order for you to succeed. Goals will help you create activity. The amount of money you earn is directly related to the goals you set for yourself. Buy a copy of "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and read the first 36 pages.
  • Realize...people are going to say NO! Don't let their NO's discourage you. If you have a legitimate product, service or information that has genuine value someone will want it, need it and buy it. Your objective is to keep offering it to the right people.
  • Your Greatest Asset Is the Number Of NO's You Hear. You don't know who is going to buy your product, use your service or want your information. You don't know who will make the buying decision, but you can rest assured somebody will. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Somebody will. All you have to do is keep offering.

How To Set And Achieve Your Goals

Out of all the things you can do, learning how to set and achieve realistic goals is probably the most important. Achievers in every conceivable field are always; without exception, decisive goal setters. What you make up your mind to accomplish is exactly what will be accomplished, barring any unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances or event. This business of goal setting is so important, it will be covered in detail.

There is a power within you that moves you toward your most dominant thoughts. You must be able to focus your energies clearly on the goal to be accomplished. There are seven steps to effective goal setting. Write them down and review them often. These steps are:

1. IDENTIFY THE GOAL. You must be able to write your goal in one statement.
For example: Your income goal might go like this: "After__ months, I will be earning $__a month." "After 4 months $____month". Then write down your goals for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on. Or you can write: "I will make 2 sales a week." "Recruit or sponsor 2 people a month", if this aspect is part of your business needs or plans.

Whatever you want from life, identify it, state it clearly and
visualize yourself as already having it, doing it or achieving it. Do this in your mind the way you want it to happen. This activity is just like writing out a motion picture script for yourself with you as the star of the picture. Include all the necessary details. The more details, the more power the visualized image of your success will have to attract the circumstances, events and people to you.

2. SET A DEADLINE FOR ACHIEVEMENT: Specially, the exact month and year. You must name the month or year in which the goal is to be achieved. This gives you a sense of urgency, purpose and energy for living. For ex: "I will reach my goal by June 10, 2010".

3. IDENTIFY THE OBSTACLES THAT MUST BE OVERCOMED": The obstacles standing in your way, might be lack of knowledge, or marketing strategies; learning approaches, giving a presentation, asking people to take advantage of the services, handling objections and learning effective business techniques. They could be overcoming your own doubts, fears or anxieties. Whatever you want, something is standing between you and it. You must be able to overcome the barriers in your way.

4. IDENTIFY THE PEOPLE YOU MUST WORK WITH: Such as customers/clients, partners, markets, information sources, etc.

case its knowledge of yourself, your company, industry, products or services. The skills you need are:
a) Prospecting

b) Pre-approach

c) Approaching Others Effectively
d) Having a Good Warm-up (offline only)
e) Giving A Presentation (written if given online)
f) Having Good Information Gathering Techniques

g) Knowledge of Your Business
h) Having Good Listening Techniques (offline only)
i) Handling Objections (offline only)
j) Closing
l) Getting Referrals
m) Good Communication and Interaction With Others (offline only)
n) Good Human Relations
o) Self Motivation

6. DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION: This is what must be done every day in order to reach your goal or desired income level.

7. WRITE DOWN THE BENEFITS YOU WILL ENJOY WHEN YOUR GOAL IS REACHED: Be as specific as possible, then add more details later if necessary. You must reward yourself when goals are reached. Your mind is goal seeking by nature. You must give your mind something to work toward or you won't accomplish very much.

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