Monday, April 16, 2007

You Can Win The Race Against Your Competition

A fraction of a second after you decide to participate in an income opportunity, you are in a race. You are in a race to find people that will buy your product/s, use your service, or take advantage of your income opportunity.

You are racing against time and others to find people before they do that are capable of taking advantage of your offer or plugging-in, duplicating and leveraging. This is not an easy race to win.

It is not easy because of the competition and spam filters that wipe out your emails. It is also not easy because it can be extremely difficult dealing with the mind-set of another human being.

In addition, there are several more reasons why millions of people never enter this race and why the hundreds of thousands that do never reach the finish line..

The vast majority of Americans; as well as working people throughout the industrialize world, are sold on the 40-40-40 plan
{40 hours a week, 40 years of work and $40.00 in a savings account when they retire} And.. If they are involved in networking...they are also looking for the best people they can find for their business venture/s.

To win the race against the competition, you must get out front early and stay out front. Stay focused and never lose sight of your short term objectives and your longer term goal/s.

If you find yourself behind, begin a relentless pursuit of excellence in all you say and do. Wear down your competitors with more value for less or greater value for the same money, time or effort spent. The Integrated Economics concept and the Information Warehouse give you the decided advantage in your race against the competition for the following reasons:

First: The Integrated Economics concept simplifies and condenses the recruiting or sponsoring process, and the moneymaking process, into workable formats that can be learned and used by anyone with reasonable intelligence.

Second: The income opportunities in your Internet Based Business Group are so affordable, you have a 100% market share. 100% of the adult age population anywhere in the world can participate in at least one of your opportunities. Why?
Some of your opportunities are FREE to join with no monthly maintenance or purchase requirements. All they have to do is work the program to earn part time or full time income, and your knowledge of Integrated Economics will show them how to do that effectively.

As an IMG.Ws Associate you have an incredible arsenal to bring into the arena to battle against the competition. You have power boosters that will help win the race to sell your product or service or sponsor or recruit the best people you can find.

Remember: The best people you can find are always those people that are willing and ready to change their thinking, attitudes and/or financial situation.