Monday, April 23, 2007

MLM Building


Here's one of our favorite sayings: Life is simple.When it comes to building a MLM business, there are only 2 types of people in the world to whom you can market: non-MLMers and MLMers. Make your choice.

As for us and our house, a house built over 20+ years specializing in the only kind of marketing that actually exists, namely, targeted marketing; we'll choose marketing to MLMers (over non-MLMers) every time when building a MLM business; for the exact same painfully obvious reasons why a successful toupee salesperson calls on bald folks (as opposed to folks with long, flowing manes of hair).

In order to successfully sell toupees to people with full heads of hair, not only are you going to have to convince them to dramatically change their physical appearance; you're going to have to also do what clinical psychologists almost uniformly agree is a nearly impossible task; that is, you'll have to convince them to permanently change their behavior!

See, toupee salesperson, you're going to have to convince that person to not only shave off all their hair once; you're going to also have to convince them to permanently change their behavior by repetitively shaving off their hair, in order to wear your blasted toupee you somehow managed to sell them, seeing that their hair will have this "nasty habit" of stubbornly growing back over and over and over again! Looks like hell is freezing over...Bottomline!

We are what we are! We either are bald. Or we have hair. And we either ARE MLMers. Or we are not MLMers. So wouldn't it just be a lot easier (not to mention actually profitable) to simply target bald people when selling toupees? Thank you.And when it comes to marketing your MLM, wouldn't it just be a lot easier (not to mention actually profitable) to simply target MLMers?

In a big hitter's recent book, the author listed the following ways he recommended that you build your MLM business: Ad specialties, audiotape pass outs, small booklets, barter/trade, billboards, bird dogs (referral rewards), brochure pass outs, bumper stickers, magnetic signs, buttons, desk calendars, card decks, catalog pass outs, cause marketing, celebrity endorsements, compact disks, phone book cold calling, contests, co-op advertising, cross promotions, direct mail, discount coupons, embroidered logos, entertainment books, flyers, free lunch, fundraisers, infomercials, joint ventures, kiosks, letterhead, licensing, networking clubs, newsletters, 900 numbers, phone-on-hold messages, point of purchase displays, postcards, press releases, print ads, public relations, radio commercials, radio talk shows (you as radio guest), radio talk show (your own), references in a book, referrals, restaurant placemats, rubber stamps, samples, seminars, speeches, stickers, stuffers, swap meets, t-shirts, tie ins, trade shows, county fairs, TV commercials, TV talk shows (you as guest), TV talk shows (your own), videotapes, voice mail, welcome wagon and yellow pages.

See, he knew that all of the ways in italics above that listed in his book were "ways" to build a MLM business. Highly ineffective, inefficient ways! And he knew that, by far, the most effective, most efficient way to build a MLM business was thru the use of MLM distributor/genealogy downline reports. And, so, that's exactly what did. In other words, "Do as I say; not as I do. And let me put you, my competitor, on the Merry Go Round of Ignorance..."

Thank you. Friend, look around the mall next time you're there and notice how few bald people in this world there are. Apart from some little babies and middle-aged and senior men with male pattern baldness and people enduring chemotherapy, most people have hair!If you're going to be a successful toupee salesperson, you're going to have to take note of that simple, stubborn fact and then target your market accordingly.

And, if you're really observant, and you're able to look beyond the mere physical appearances of people and look into their hearts, minds and souls, you'll notice something else as well as you're scoping out people at the mall.

Most people are not cut out to own their own businesses. Usually for the exact same reason why most able-bodied people won't stick to an exercise program. Most people are simply undisciplined. And, in order to successfully and profitably own your own business, you simply have to be disciplined. Especially if it's a home-based business; which, contrary to conventional wisdom, is actually the most challenging of all business types to get in and keep in profit.

Fortunately, discipline is built inside of See, just like the bald critter is an extremely rare critter, the person whoactually wants to go thru the hell of successfully and profitably establishing their own home-based business is an extremely rare type of person. It's a whole lot easier (not to mention less painful) to just get a J.O.B. (just over broke) and let somebody else (da Boss) enjoy all the headaches associated with running their own business while writing out and signing your paycheck each week.

But, for a very few extremely rare critters, this (J.O.B.) thing simply isn't good enough for us. Why? We view that type of arrangement as a form of slavery; an indentured-servitude, if you will. We're psychologically unemployable. And proud of it! We're rebels with a cause (our own time and geographic and financial freedom)! We're disciplined or we determine that we will become disciplined and/or buy discipline thru services like

And..we're willing to endure the pain for the joy that is set before us (again, our own time and geographic and financial freedom and the benefits that such a lifestyle affords us and our loved ones)! Bottomline, we figure, if "it" was easy, everybody would be doing "it" and then we wouldn't be the least bit interested in doing "it," whatever the common "go along to get along" masses are doing!

But, because "it" is hard, and because so few people are doing "it," we want to do "it" all the more! Because we know that the rewards, if we persist and succeed, are simply enormous. Astronomical. Beyond our wildest imaginations. Global. Mobile. Biz-Automated. Live and work where we want. When we want. Come and go when and where we please. At any time and at our whim, will and fancy! And with plenty of money to enjoy all our freedom! All Our Dreams Come True! That's the way we think.

But we're extremely rare critters. Few and far between. Just like bald-headed folk are extremely rare critters. we're hard to find because, as a percentage of the general population, we're so extremely rare. But, what really makes us so rare is the fact that, while everybody wants the good things (financial and time and geographic freedom) associated with having a Global. Mobile. Biz-Automated; we're one of the extremely rare few that are actually willing to pay the necessary price to get it!

Most people know the price of everything; but the value of nothing. You're likely not one of those people, friend, simply because you've gotten this far. You also most likely know that most MLMers lose money in MLM. But, did you know why? See, friend, the purpose of capitalism is to ruthlessly destroy businesses that do not bring the highest quality products/services to the customer at the lowest possible prices with the best possible customer service. capitalism has done its job of serving and protecting its one and only client, the customer, when it has ruthlessly destroyed those businesses that do not most efficiently serve the needs of capitalism's one and only client, the customer. Well, the biggest part of avoiding getting destroyed at the ruthless hands of capitalism is making sure that you're operating efficiently.

And...the biggest part of operating efficiently is making sure that you are marketing, with laser like focus, only to your target market! And...that is precisely the reason why most MLMers lose money in MLM (and eventually give up once their resources are exhausted) Most MLMers market to everyone on the planet BUT MLMers!

Most MLMers have been told a lie (putting them on the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance) encouraging them to recruit friends, family and "opportunity seekers." Very few of whom, for reasons outlined below, are MLMers (or candidates to ever passionately become MLMers). And so most MLMers do not "hit" or market to their target market. most MLMers are, in effect, trying to sell toupees to people with long, flowing manes of hair! And so most MLMers end up losing money in MLM (and eventually give up in enormous frustration once their resources are exhausted).

It doesn't have to be this way. At least not for you. And not for your loved ones. All you have to do is simply choose to get off the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance. The MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance is patently obvious to the person building a MLM business. There are only 2 types of people in the world: MLMers and non-MLMers. However, both categories can be further broken down into subcategories.

MLMers are broken down into MLM Veterans and MLM Rookies. Non-MLMers are broken down into Friends, Family and Opportunity Seekers. We define MLM Veterans as MLMers who have built MLM businesses that are $10,000 per month (or more) in profit. Not just $10,000 per month or more in revenues; but, actual profit (you know, revenues minus expenses).

We love MLM Veterans immensely. There's only one problem with MLM Veterans. There are so few of them we might as well call them Albino Elephants. Like Albino Elephants, MLM Veterans are extremely, extremely, extremely rare critters. Just like the elephant hunter that hunts only for Albino Elephants, the MLMer that attempts to recruit only MLM Veterans may go their entire lives without ever bagging one.

But that's okay. Most MLM Veterans themselves never recruit MLM Veterans either for the very same reasons (rarity and difficulty in bagging). We'll explain further below. We define MLM Rookies as MLMers who can make a monthly profit of some size; just not $10,000 per month or more (at least not yet). God must love MLM Rookies because He's sure made a whole lot more MLM Rookies than MLM Veterans. And..we here at MBB love MLM Rookies too. Why? Because in recruiting MLM Rookies, that's from where your "bagged" MLM Veterans will eventually sprout right from underneath.

Just like real seed in a garden, you never know which particular seed is going to sprout up from being a MLM Rookie to becoming a MLM Veteran. You only know that, if you have enough such seeds planted, one or more of them, in time, will sprout, before your very eyes, into a MLM Veteran. And...that will make you very, very, very happy, friend. And...that's why even MLM Veterans don't count on directly recruiting other MLM Veterans.

Recruiting MLM Veterans is a very difficult task. It's hard enough just to find them. And when you do rarely find them, you find that it's awfully hard to "bag" or "bring down" one of those incredibly big and incredibly strong Albino Elephants. The far more productive game plan is to concentrate on recruiting lots of MLM Rookies and watching a few of them organically sprout up into MLM Veterans right underneath you.

Now, don't get us wrong, we have literally thousands and thousands of MLM Veterans in our databases that we provide to our customers. Just don't count on signing MLM Veterans up every day of the week. But you might just get lucky...after all, it is just a targeted numbers game. And sometimes you do hit the jackpot!

But, instead of focusing on recruiting MLMers, whether they be Veterans, Rookies or both, most MLMers, having been told a big hitter's lie (or having had this lie repeated to them by their upline who were similarly deceived), find themselves on the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance.

This is a well-greased pathway to extremely painful devastation and gut-wrenching failure as they "focus" on recruiting non-MLMers also known as friends, family and "opportunity seekers". Now, this (recruiting friends, family and "opportunity seekers") is the path you should take if you would be the type of toupee salesperson that would attempt to sell toupees to people with long, flowing manes of hair.

And this is the path you should take if you're the type of person that enjoys anything masochistic (like pulling out all of your own wisdom teeth slowly, one by one, on a Friday night with a rusty pair of pliers). We all know what friends and family are. If we're alive, at some point, we've had some family. And, hopefully, we all have friends in the here and now.

Opportunity Seekers Vs Opportunity Finders Vs Opportunity Workers

But what are "opportunity seekers?" Opportunity seekers are a "lead scam" that nearly all MLM "lead" companies around the world for about 10 years now have been imposing upon those poor souls unknowingly going round and round in circles (getting nowhere and sinking fast) on the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance. Now, if you've ever recruited family and friends into your MLM business, you already know why that doesn't work! Here's why, in a nutshell, recruiting opportunity seekers doesn't work either.

Opportunity seekers are mere suspects. Whereas MyForbiddenLeads are true prospects. Opportunity seekers are mere kickers of tires. Whereas MyForbiddenLeads are bundles of buyers. And here I was a poet and didn't know it! Opportunity seeker leads are laughingly known as so-called "targeted" or "pre-qualified" or "opt-in" leads (these so-called opportunity seeker "opt-in" leads are actually untargeted spam and are currently the biggest lead scam hitting the Net).

But do you actually know how these so-called "leads" are generated? Most "opportunity seeker" or "targeted" or "pre-qualified" or "opt-in" leads are generated thru co-registration services. Typically, as much as one-third of these leads don't even realize that they have "requested" to be on any list! Much less your list! How "targeted" or "pre-qualified" or "opt-in" is that? Answer: Not very.

And for the two-thirds that do realize that they are agreeing to receive some kind of marketing information (but not from you), what is the actual motivation that lures them to the co-registration websites in the first place? Usually, some type of a "Publishers Clearing House" or "lotto" or "casino type" come on that usually attracts, you guessed it, the type of people that are looking for something for nothing; the proverbial "free lunch" crowd. Groan.

This means that not only will very few "opportunity seeker" leads ever join you in your MLM (unless your MLM is totally FREE to join and never costs these broke opportunity seekers ANY money); but also the very few that ever do join you will almost always be total lazy losers that constantly complain and never do jack squat!

In fact, the vast, vast majority of "opportunity seeker" leads will actually think that MLM is a "pyramid" scam!
Just like most of the untargeted general population thinks MLM is a "pyramid" scam; because, after all, that's exactly where most of the so-called "opportunity seeker" leads originate! From the untargeted non-MLMer general population!

Even many of the very, very few that actually do sign up under you will also believe that MLM is a "pyramid" scam and will be meticulously hunting for the first drop of evidence to justify their cracked-brain beliefs and drop out!

Kinda sounds like your friends and family now, doesn't it? Which makes sense, doesn't it, seeing that these so-called "opportunity seeker" leads are somebody's friends and family too. And what's an "opportunity seeker" anyways? Aren't the tourists who play the slots in Las Vegas opportunity seekers? Aren't the folks that buy lottery tickets each week opportunity seekers? And just because someone has responded to a direct response ad and maybe answered a few "survey" questions, does that mean that a person is a true "opportunity seeker?"

These basic "survey" questions don't actually qualify the prospect! Basically, everyone in America, at some point or another, has, even if for but a brief moment, and usually on the days that da Boss has ticked them off badly, dreamt of owning and starting their own business. Does that therefore mean that everyone in America is the target market for the sane MLMer?

If so, grab your nearest phonebook and start wildly dialing right now! More often than not, as noted above, opportunity seekers are turned off when they discover you're selling a MLM opportunity. Not just many of them, but most of them, have a negative opinion of MLM. Just like the untargeted general population. Because that's exactly from where "opt-in opportunity seekers" originate; the untargeted general population.

But, this certainly doesn't stop unscrupulous MLM list and "opportunity seeker lead" companies from advertising their leads as "qualified" or "pre-qualified" or "opt-in." You might ask, "Why do MLM lead companies charge up to $4, sometimes even much more, for so-called opportunity seeker leads that are actually untargeted for my marketplace and that therefore stink?" The very simple answer, friend, is that because of the large number of MLMers riding "blissfully" on the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance, they can. do.

Save the "luck factor" for when you truly just want to occasionally let loose and have fun and maybe play the slots in Vegas if that floats your boat. Or play PowerBall from time to time just for grins. But don't put your business and your livelihood and your financial future and your loved ones' financial future on one ball on the roulette wheel. You know exactly what's going to happen almost every time.'s not good. Instead, put the odds against you in this business in your favor by betting on the sure thing; namely, opportunity workers. So, friend, you're not looking for opportunity seekers. Looking for opportunity seekers is about as intelligent as picking up your phonebook and wildly dialing everyone in America, including 93-year-old grandmas who've been happily retired for 28 years. What you're looking for are opportunity workers.'ll find your opportunity workers amongst your opportunity finders.'ll find your opportunity finders in, because are the people who actually are the opportunity finders by definition. As proven by the fact that they have revealed themselves to be that part of the marketplace who are the doers (signer uppers) and who are not just the "talkers" (those that merely answer survey questions).

Opportunity Seekers Are Good For One Thing!

Even in the untargeted general population, however, you'll find, just thru the luck of sheer large numbers, a few people here and there who make good MLM prospects and who will actually sign up with you (and, in extremely rare cases, actually be productive). But who wants to look for a needle in a haystack when, with, you can look for needles in piles of needles?

Actually, we've discovered, especially with regards to MLM powerline marketing types of programs, that opportunity seekers do serve one useful purpose. Kindling wood. That's right...kindling wood. It's like this, friend. Opportunity seekers come in only two types. The 1% or so that just naturally love MLM. And the 99% or so that just naturally hate MLM.

Guess what we call the 1% of opportunity seekers that love MLM? Answer: Living babies. Guess what we call the 99% of opportunity seekers that hate MLM? Answer: Stillborn babies. Now, friend, you're probably wondering, why on earth does MBB/MFL call opportunity seekers, whether they love or hate MLM, babies? And why on earth does MBB/MFL call opportunity seekers that love MLM "living" babies; and opportunity seekers that hate MLM "stillborn" babies?

We'll answer the first question first. All opportunity seekers, from the point of view of the serious MLMer, are babies. They have little to no experience in MLM. What's the one thing that babies, no matter how genetically gifted or mentally advanced they are compared to the averages, simply cannot do? They cannot reproduce.

And so it is with the 1% of opportunity seekers that love MLM. Because they are "young" in the business and, in fact, are babies, with little to no experience, just like real babies are years and years away from sexual maturity for reproduction purposes. This 1% of all opportunity seekers that love MLM are, likewise, literally years away from MLM maturity in terms of MLM recruiting and MLM duplication purposes.

You can recruit 100 of the 1% of the opportunity seekers that love MLM and guess what will happen? You'll end up with nothing more than 100 wholesale product buyers. And only for a time. They'll sit there like babies and do what babies do if left alone and not fed. Because they're helpless, after a while, they'll simply die. And they'll never reproduce.

And, even if you feed them, train them, take care of them, change their diapers, love, nurture and care for them in the 365/24/7 manner that babies always require, guess what? They are still YEARS and YEARS away from being able to reproduce, duplicate and become productive in your MLM business and your MLM downline. By the way, if you have any experience in MLM at all, and especially if you're a big hitter and have any kind of MLM reputation established, you can recruit these 1% of opportunity seeker babies like shooting fish in a barrel! Why is that? Well, the answer is very simple.

What's common amongst all healthy new-born babies? They have big, wide open eyes! Why is that? Answer: because they are blank slates that have just come into the world and they are rapidly taking in information and gathering knowledge and experience about their world in order to increase their odds of survival!

In fact, just like babies are constantly gathering information and experience from multiple sources, most of these 1% of opportunity seekers that love MLM join multiple MLM programs in order to gather information and experience about MLM from multiple sources! After all, contrary to the urban myths out there, MLM is not taught at the Harvard and Stanford Schools of Business!

In other words, these babies desperately need lots of training and they want to get it from you (especially if you're established and experienced) The only problem is, the payoff for you is literally years down the road and chances are, you'll make the heavy resources investments but someone else will get most or all of your payoff. As previously noted, these babies change "parents" (read: sponsors) and MLMs several times (at least) over the years, while they're growing up, before they're ready to even begin reproducing for anybody.

Now, the 99% of opportunity seekers that hate MLM, just like the untargeted general population typically hates or has a negative opinion of MLM, these are stillborn babies. Unless you are Almighty God, and have "resurrection power," you're never going to get anywhere with these people.

They not only can't reproduce, as is the case with all babies; these babies, as far as MLM goes, are dead! As previously noted, after about the age of 25, clinical psychologists have rightly noted that one adult attempting to externally modify another adult's opinions, attitudes and, most importantly, behaviors, is a daunting and nearly impossible task.

In fact, when the pressure to change is coming from external sources, namely, you, most people will stubbornly dig in their heels and cling to their pre-existing opinions, attitudes and behaviors ever more tightly! And it's with this untargeted general population and the 99% of opportunity seekers that hate MLM that most, nearly all, MLMers spend nearly all of their time approaching with their MLM opportunity. Is it any wonder that the vast, vast majority of MLMers on the MLM Merry-Go-Round of Ignorance are basically destroyed, sooner or later, and, in most cases, much sooner than later?

Therefore, the 1% of opportunity seekers that do love MLM do have one useful purpose for the experienced MLMer, especially in powerline marketing programs. As stated before, as kindling wood. What do we mean? It's simple. These baby MLMers need something: namely, experience. You need something: as many signups as you can possibly get. It's a match made in heaven. They get what they want; and you get what you want. Once they sign up, however, don't expect them to reproduce. After all, they're babies. They have literally years and years of personal development, knowledge and experience to acquire before they'll even be ready to reproduce.

And, even if you sign up 100 of them, which is extremely easy to do, especially if you're an experienced, established big hitter, understand that 100 times 0 times 0 times 0 is still a big, fat zero. In other words, you're never going to build a duplicating downline with this 1% of all opportunity seeker leads no matter how much they love MLM. Just let them serve their two-fold purpose in a MLM powerline marketing program. One purpose is to produce wholesale volume.

And the second purpose is to provide the quantity of signups, the "kindling wood," if you will, in the "pop!" you've got money/signups email notification nature of powerline marketing systems that gets everyone, even MLM Rookies and MLM Veterans alike, excited (since we all are, after all, merely human)! And fully expect that nearly every one of them will fail. It's the ones that "fail" at their first few attempts at MLM, but, nevertheless keep on trying, who will eventually develop into the MLM Rookies.

And..the MLM Rookies that keep on keeping on will eventually become those Albino Elephant MLM Veterans. And that's because it is not a cliche and it is absolutely true that you cannot "fail" in MLM; you can only quit. Both "failure" and "success" are equal imposters and equal illusions. In reality, there is only feedback. But, that's another lesson for another time.


And you actually wonder why your marketing for your home-based network marketing business isn't doing better using these kinds of lousy "opportunity seeker" leads! Aren't you actually looking for people that fervently believe in MLM and who are actively looking to bring other people into their (and your) MLM business? Instead of meticulously hunting for the first lame excuse to drop out of the so-called "pyramid scam!"

If these so-called opportunity seeker "leads" were nutrition, you'd be starving! If these so-called opportunity seeker "leads" were oxygen, you'd be suffocating. And if these so-called opportunity seeker "leads" were water, you'd be poisoned!

Again, here's why, in a nutshell, recruiting opportunity seekers doesn't work any better than recruiting your own friends and family. Opportunity seekers are mere suspects. Whereas MyForbiddenLeads are true prospects. Opportunity seekers are kickers of tires. Whereas MyForbiddenLeads are bundles of buyers.

And opportunity seekers are somebody's extremely skeptical friends and family too. In fact, friends and family "leads" are so bad, we won't insult your intelligence in providing a lengthy explanation of them, other than to say, that they are almost always far worse than horrible opportunity seekers!