Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Is Money

This section is also for our Associates in other countries that have different currencies and monetary systems. Whether you call it afghani, baht, balboa, bolivar, cedi, colon, cordoba, cruzeiro, dalasi, deutsche mark, dinar, dirham or dollar.

In other countries, its called a dong, drachma, escudo, florin, forint, franc, gourde, guarani, gulden, kip, koruna, krona, krone, kwacha, kyat, lek, lempira, leone, leu, lev, lira, mark, markka, naira, pa'anga, pataca, peseta, peso, piaster, pound, quetzal, rand, rial, riel, riyal, ruble, rupee, rupiah, schillingi, shilling, sol, sucre, taka, tala, tical, tugrik, won, yen, yuan, zaire, or zloty, it's all the same thing....MONEY

What is money?
Money is merely a convenient medium of exchange - nothing more, nothing less. It is the most practical method to pay for goods, services, and human productivity. Money' s true value is a matter of public belief, confidence, faith, and trust in your country's government. Money's real value is an entirely different matter.

The primary reason why the vast majority of the world's population can not acquire or amass great wealth, is because they do not fully comprehend money's real value, role or importance.

What is Money's Real Value? Whenever the overwhelming majority of the world's population get into a discussion about money, they have a tendency to confuse price, cost, worth, and value. Price is a one time thing. You pay it once and you are done with it. Cost can last a lifetime. Worth is whatever you, someone else, an agency, a court, or your government says it is. Value is the actual benefit and advantage you receive or derive by having access or ownership.

Therefore, the real value of money lies in what it can do for you and others in the form of benefits and advantages. The real value of money also lies in its ability to satisfy your needs, wants, and desires. Money is the car you drive, the clothes you wear. The medical services you receive if you are injured or ill and the medication you need to restore your health.

The real value of money is the means by which you maintain your health. Money is the food you eat and the amount of exposure you have to the world around you. You can experience the value of money in the places you go, the trips you take, and the recreation and vacations you enjoy.

The value of money is a cool home on a hot summer day, or a warm home and comfortable bed when it's 20 below. Money is the television, the appliances, the phone, the furniture, and the very floor you walk on every day. Money is also the taxes and fees you pay. Money is how society defines and categorizes who and what you are. It is the driver's license and credit card in your wallet or purse, your title at work, your profession, trade or career.

Money's value can be seen in your military forces, public services, and national defense. Money's value can be seen in the roads, streets, highways and bridges you use everyday. It is also your legal system, police protection, civil society, social order and your penal system. The value of money extends to the government agencies or businesses that employ you, the schools that educate you and even to the undertaker that cremates or buries you.

The value of money can be seen in the public programs and services that benefit millions. In the arts, sciences, humanities, culture and space exploration. Money's value is all around you, yet the vast majority rarely ever recognize the relationship between money and the advantages and benefits having money brings to them.

What is Money's Real Role? It's so unfortunate, that millions see and understand money's role in their lives as only a means to acquire things and pay their bills. They fail to comprehend money's real role, just like they fail to realize money's real value. The real role of money in your life is to empower you and free you from the drudgery and toil of life.

Money gives you power and freedom. Power to help yourself, live your life, and help others. Money gives you the freedom to live your life on your terms. Without money's power, governments and the socio-economic structures that maintain them can not exist, and neither can you. Like money's value, money's power is all around you. The power and freedom you have to help yourself and others is directly related to the amount of money you have in all its forms and manifestations.

Without money you are powerless and imprisoned. You can not contribute to your community, the arts, sciences, culture or charities. You can not even pay your bills or your debts and maintain a good name. Money gives you the power to change your life and your circumstances. Money gives you the freedom to choose your lifestyle and your destiny. Without money, you are at the mercy of fate and others.

Everything you now have, if you have anything, would not exist without the power of money to acquire it. This includes your business, job, profession, trade or career. All that you see and sometimes don't see around you, from the sewer systems, to jets overhead, and everything in between, would not exist without the power of money to establish it, and maintain it.