Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Your PMA & PMI
The Number 8 Reason Why So Many Fail In Home Businesses

It is not possible to sponsor or recruit more effectively without PMI and PMA. PMI is an abbreviation for Personal Mental Image. PMA is an abbreviation for Personal Mental Attitude.

You absolutely can not have one without the other and without either, success in any business venture, or any endeavor period is not possible. Why is this so?
Before you can do something, you must first be something, before you can be something, you must first believe that being something is possible for you.

In short, before you can do anything consistently, you must have enough belief and faith in yourself that you can do it.

This is your Personal Mental Attitude.
Your Personal Mental Attitude can be positive, negative, based on fantasy and illusion or on actuality and reality.

In order for your Personal Mental Attitude to have any impact in your life, you must bring your Personal Mental Image or the visualized you into sync with it. The visualized you is how you see yourself psychologically.

If you psychologically see yourself as weak, unpopular, unattractive or harbor a host of other unproductive and unhealthy psychological images or concepts about yourself, guess what?...that's exactly what you will become. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will change your psychological image or concept. You have to change it.

Chanting and repeating positive statements will not help you. This is the primary reason why "Think and Grow Rich" and other success oriented courses, books, tapes, and seminars have failed to help millions. The reason, either the mental image never changed, the attitude and image never got in sync, or one or both went off the deep end.

The same is true for success. Repeating over and over in endless self-talk or affirmations about what you are going to do or accomplish means nothing, unless you can visualize or see yourself doing it. If the psychological image you have of yourself is a loser. Guess what? Right! You are going to lose. All the success training in the world will not help you until you bring your psychological image in line with your mental attitude.

Like PMA, your Personal Mental Image can be positive, negative, based on fantasy and illusion or on actuality and reality. You see, the other side of the triangle can be just as bad. For example: You are a 54 year old male, 4' 11" tall, weighing 275 lbs, balding on top, no front teeth, and always dress like Elmer Fudd. However, your psychological image is that of Tom Cruise, the actor. As a result, you think, act, talk and believe that you are Tom Cruise.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Tom Cruise or anyone else as a role model. However, when an individual takes it to this level of personal involvement, like the world's prettiest and most desirable woman, he needs professional therapy.

These examples have been used to illustrate the importance of controlling your mental attitude and your mental image. Going to either extreme can be dangerous. As a recruiter or sponsor, your PMA and PMI should be firmly rooted in actuality and reality, and the genuine possibilities that exist for personal growth and personal achievement. You don't need phony realism or phony attitudes. Everything about you can and should be authentic.

Unrealistic Positive Mental Attitudes and Positive Mental Images can be just as damaging to your health as negative ones. Consequently, IMG.Ws believes a healthy Personal Mental Attitude and Mental Image, based on actuality and reality, is far more beneficial and profitable, than any positive or negative attitude or image you can create for yourself. Mind created subjectivity should always be rejected in favor of objective reality and actuality.

In order to be more effective as a sponsor or recruiter, you need facts, usable and reliable information, and a heavy dose of reality. These are the elements you need to improve, understand, or alter what you are doing in order to build a successful Home Business Shop Operation, Internet Based Business or Business Group, Home Business Enterprise and a successful life.

Associates can determine for themselves the lessons contained in this post. Next - "Failure To Learn Business Fundamentals" - the number 9 reason why so many fail in home businesses.