Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Works - Part II - A Supplement To "Unrealistic Expectations"

Yes... If

It wouldn't be honest of me to say that ANYONE can succeed in ANY business. There are simply too many variables. But that shouldn't keep us from looking at those variables and by doing so, giving you the information necessary to evaluate your options.

So... here are the variables. Read them carefully. Study them. Learn them. Then, as you're looking for a business that you can commit yourself to, use this list to help you evaluate that business.

What's REALLY Important? And What's Really Not?

1.) Support. There's a reason why this is first on my list... and I'm not talking about the kind of support where you want to know how to change the email address you have on file. That's not REALLY important. I'm talking about getting honest answers to every question you have... NOW... wherever you live... any time of the night or day. I'm talking about having someone work WITH you... someone who's been where you are... who's building a business just like yours... a REAL person who REALLY cares about YOUR success.

Is there a place where you can find that kind of Five-Star Support? Yes, there is. The reason I know that is because I have that in my own business... and you should too. Let's be clear on this... if you already knew how to be successful in business, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. Knowing that, why would you ever choose to try to build a business where you couldn't get the help you'll need?

If you're considering a business, find out about the support FIRST. If they don't have EXCELLENT support that is available to you any time of the day or night at no cost... walk away BEFORE you waste your time and money!

2.) Training. This comes VERY close behind support. Have you ever joined a program where you were promised that you'd have all the help and training you need... but once you paid your money everything just... disappeared? How did you like being left on your own, not knowing what to do? How did that make you feel? Do you know why that happened? It happened because the program owner already made his money off of you. Now you're no longer important. Plain and simple.

So the SECOND thing you need to find out when you're evaluating a business is... "What INCENTIVE does anyone have to continue to work with me AFTER I send in my money?" If you can find no incentive for anyone to keep working with you, then chances are, nobody will.

3.) Business Plan. Is there a well thought out Plan for the business? Is there a solid strategy for growth from the perspective of the individual Members as well as from the perspective of the overall business as a whole? Is there evidence that someone is working to keep the business out in front of the competition? Is there an ongoing investment in things like programming improvements and hosting capacity? Are the concerns of Members addressed and resolved in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the business?

4.) Current Environment. What's that mean? It means you need to know how things are going for that business NOW... not last year or next year... but right now. Forget about testimonials. They mean nothing. Things change FAST on the Internet. Find out what ACTIVE Members feel about the business TODAY!

Here's an example of what I mean: There's a solid, well-respected business on the Internet and on their main website they have a list of testimonials. The first one is from... guess who... me.

As I write this today, that testimonial is over TWO YEARS OLD... and the program that I was expressing my pleasure with has changed dramatically. Not only would I not participate in that program today, but I've advised my friends and colleagues not to participate as well. But my testimonial is still there.

Believe a testimonial on a website? Not me.

5.) Direction. By this I mean where a business is going. Are they working to make improvements? Or are they just riding it out until they close it down? Are they geared for the future? Or did they register their domain name for one year? Is there a specific plan that you can follow? Or will you be following them down the drain?

6.) Cost. As a general rule of thumb, expensive programs pay better... but are MUCH more difficult to promote and build. Inexpensive programs are easier to promote and build, but offer little in the way of income.

Programs that charge a monthly subscription can be a good combination because of the recurring income... but that's also the main drawback because you'll have a lot of people quit if they're not in profit right away and that can destroy your group... and your income.

7.) Product. While you might think that this should be first, it's right where it belongs... and here's why. Whether you like a particular product or not isn't important. What's important is how many OTHER people want and/or need your product.

I might be in love with hot dogs, but if nobody else is, what kind of business will I have?

If you want to give yourself the best chance for success... and why wouldn't you?... find a product that millions of people want and need... a product that can be created instantly and delivered immediately over the Internet... a product that costs little and delivers tremendous value... a product that people will not only appreciate buying, but also want to sell in a business of their own!

8. Website. This one might surprise you. You need a website that accurately explains your business and your opportunity... NOT a website that "sells".

Your website should be a filter that identifies and eliminates the wrong people, not a net that catches as many people as possible.

But wait a minute. Don't you WANT as many people as possible to buy your product and join your program?

That's what you've always been told, isn't it? Sell, sell sell! Recruit, recruit, recruit! That's how you make money!

Sorry, but that's a lie. You've been told that by the gurus and the program owners because... are you ready?... that's how they get YOU to make money for THEM!

The truth is this... ONE good business partner... someone who sees your opportunity and decides to build a business and in the process builds your business... is better than one hundred customers.

Knowing that, why would the gurus and program owners encourage you to sell and recruit as fast as possible without regard for whether or not a particular person might be a good partner? Because they make money when you sell and recruit!

If You Fill Your Business With Lazy, Dishonest Partners... That's Your Problem!

So the next time you look at a website, ask yourself this question... "Is this website designed as a filter to help me find the RIGHT people for my business? Or is this website designed to be a net to catch me and everyone else just so the owner can make a fast buck?

It's Time To Go Find Your Ideal Business!

Now that you understand what the Internet can and cannot do... and you realize that you cannot be successful without the help of others... and that you can enlist others to help you succeed by providing them with the same opportunity that you have... and you're aware of the many advantages and massive potential that InterNetWork Marketing offers... and you know what to look for (and what to look out for!) in an online business... it's time for you to take the next step and begin your search for the ideal business.

Does A Business Like That Even Exist? Yes.

You can read the remaining sections of "What Works" at INETGiant as well as their business proposal. We have provided a link for your convenience. For IMG.Ws Associates, feel free to explore as many business avenues as possible including this one. Independent Marketing Group is not the end of your journey to financial security. We are just the beginning and we will be here, whenever you need us.