Sunday, March 25, 2007


Before we continue our series, it is important that all IMG.Ws Associates understand the nature of the beast. From the time we are born to the day we die, we are taught to doubt ourselves, have negative feelings and question ourselves. This is totally normal.

However, as an Associate, you must understand that self doubt will not allow you to stand out above the crowd or be truly successful. You must have confidence in yourself.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence, is the one thing all successful men and women have in common. They have confidence in their knowledge.

They have confidence in their abilities. They are confident they can accomplish any task. Confident that hard work and commitment will be rewarding. Do these successful people have doubts or negative feelings sometimes? Of course they do. How they overcome negatives in their lives is the difference and naurally makes them successful. Successful people breathe and eat positives; especially when it comes to what they want to accomplish! Their positives tremendously out weigh all the negative influences and doubt they encounter. They block out negatives and negative people.

Successful, confident, positive individuals are happy with themselves, satisfied with their surroundings. People enjoy being near them. They have magnetic personalities, they attract others and flood their entire area with confidence and reality based thinking.

Think for a minute, had you rather be in the company of a dull negative person or one that is enthusiastic and confident? Negative people bring you down, depress you, cause doubt in your own abilities. Positive people raise you up, make you feel better and being around them gives you more confidence. Negative attitudes are like viral diseases, they spread quickly to the weak and uninformed.

Not all "millionaires" are successful. Not all successful people are millionaires. Money alone does not mean success. Perhaps some inherited their riches, some achieved their riches with blind luck like lottery winners. One thing you can be sure of is this: All self made millionaires that achieved success had confidence and a positive attitude. They think like "millionaires" even when the bank account is empty.

Do you want to wait for an inheritance or luck? Or would you rather start thinking positively and use your "GOD Given Abilities"? Why not build your own success story? Confidence not only builds your bank account, it also improves your physical and mental health. Both mind and body are necessary for absolute positive unbending confidence!

How do you attain this attitude? "Knowledge is Power", but knowledge not used is wasted. However, knowledge will give you confidence to achieve any goal you set for yourself if you remain committed and positive! Knowledge can be acquired, so can confidence and a positive attitude. You and your commitment are all that is required to move forward toward your goal of financial independence.