Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Number 3 Reason Why So Many Fail In Home Businesses

In our previous post, we identified the number one reason - "Poor Mind-Set", and the number two reason - "Chasing The Wrong People", as to why so many people fail in home businesses. For an in depth discussion of, "Why Your Mind-Set Is Important", please go to the home page at our "Information Warehouse".

To learn more about "Chasing The Wrong People" go to our Information Warehouse to the information bin entitled: "Let's Talk About Money". Scroll down the page to the sub-heading "Why Some People Will Never Earn Any Real Money". To get to this bin, click here.

In this post we will discuss "Unsuitability" - the number 3 reason why so many fail. Far too many people are not suited for the product or service they are marketing. Many join opportunities because they saw, heard or responded to an ad in a media presentation. They gave little or no consideration as to their suitability for the venture they signed up for.

For example: Fred is basically a loner with low self esteem, few or no personal friends or contacts and he's not very aggressive, yet he joins a company that requires him to be an agressive marketer. Unless Fred grows dramatically, he will more than likely fail in the venture he decided to join.

Margaret is a petit, 5' 4", clear-skinned, long-haired blonde that weighs 101 lbs. Yet, she joins a company that sells diet and skin products. She can't talk about what the products have done for her because doesn't have to use the products she is marketing to others. Johnny is detail and fact oriented, yet he is trying to market a product that requires him to stress features and benefits, not details and facts. Hannah is gregarious and a great conversationalist, yet she joins a company that has a mentoring system that always pushes her into the background. Mark loves being outside. He enjoys meeting people and talking with others, yet he joins a company that requires him to spend most of his time inside on the computer.

Mary works from 9-5, has 3 girls and a failing relationship, yet she is trying to be a travel representative. Phil has a long commute to and from work, a job full of stress and rarely has an opportunity to talk to anyone except his immediate co-workers, yet he joined a company that requires hime to bring people to weekly conference calls. These examples are not even the tip of the iceberg of what actually happens to people that join the various income opportunities that are available.

The biggest unsuitability trap for a great many people is the Internet itself. Many believe the hype that the Internet is the do-nothing-road-to-riches or the cyberpath to overnight millions. Far too many believe the principles that apply to businesses in the real world, do not apply to businesses or income activities in the cyberworld. Quite naturally, nothing is farther from the truth or farther from reality. Internet based income opportunities is not the right venue for many.

There are other factors as well, such as time, personality, capacity, intellectual, moral, social, economic and goal suitability, just to mention a few others. The moral of this post is simple: Before signing the dotted line, ask yourself the question: "Is this income opportunity right for me, the way I am right now"? For an additional disscussion on this post go to: "Why Affiliates Fail In Home Businesses".

In our next post, we will discuss
"Unrealistic Expectations" - the number 4 reason why so many fail in home businesses.