Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ponzi and Pyramid Money Schemes - Part III - A Supplement To "Unrealistic Expectations"

"Unrealistic Expectations" can take many forms and will ultimately lead to business failure. In 1919 Charles Ponzi invited business men and women to invest in his business and promised to double their money. Returns were guaranteed.

Ponzi recruited new investors and used their funds to pay earlier investors. Because his funding and payout method were unsustainable, the business eventually collapsed leaving a great number of people with nothing to show for the funds they had committed. Charles Ponzi was imprisoned and from that day, scams that mimicked this approach became known as Ponzi schemes.

On the Internet, many of these types of schemes go by the name of Doublers, Triplers, Bubbles, Cyclers, Gifting and other variations.
Gifting is not illegal, when done according to legal statutes. It is not a crime to give someone money that you have earned legally. The vast majority of online money schemes fail the legitimacy test and are all basically modified Ponzis or Pyramids. As an IMG.Ws Associate, if you have joined or considering joining, a money doubler program, study it carefully to see if it operates as a Ponzi scheme. If it does, walk away from it.

Some Ponzi or Pyramid schemes provide you with a product or service in exchange for your investment. This is no more than a thin veneer of legitimacy. Don't be deceived! If a program promises everyone involved a complete return on his/her investment without limiting the number of applicants, this program is almost certain to collapse. Legitimate enterprises normally limit the number of investors or require members to achieve their own sales. In addition, legitimate business enterprises rarely ever guarantee a profit.

In America, operating, running, or investing in a Ponzi scheme or allowing a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme to be promoted through your website or advertising network is illegal. These money schemes rarely use the word Ponzi or Pyramid in their name. Doubler, Tripler, Cycler are all common terminologies for this kind of illegal business venture. Do not invest in any program or business venture that does not offer a legitimate product or service. Examine all income opportunities carefully.

Just because an online or off line income opportunity has Doubler in its name does not mean it is illegal. Determine how income is generated before you commit your time, effort and financial resources. If you knowingly involve yourself with a Ponzi scheme, you not only run the risk of losing your investment, you also run the risk of being prosecuted.

There are many people trying everything they can to earn effortless income on the Internet. Many, because they lack experience or they are consumed with a desire to get-rich-quick, believe these self-styled Gurus that reportedly have discovered the secret of profiting in illegal income programs. Their solution; which is no solution but a criminal act, is to join early and withdraw your funds before the program collapses. This is tantamount to running an illegal gambling operation.

When a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme collapses, everyone who invested last loses their investment. In some cases this can affect hundreds or even thousands of people. It is so unfortunate that many people that fail in these ventures because of their "Unrealistic Expectations" automatically assume that it was the individual program, rather than the concept, that was to blame. Because of their desire for overnight wealth, these people will try again with a another program.

You don't need a PH.D in advanced math to project earnings in a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. If you put any number in a calculator and multiply the result by 3 or 5 repeatedly, the number grows exponentially. Even the most well constructed Doubler will collapse when the number of new investors required to sustain payouts becomes unreachable.

All Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes Operate on the Same Principle

The last in always loses. There are no exceptions to this rule. As stated previously, by the time this happens hundreds, perhaps thousands of unsuspecting investors and participants would have lost their money. If you are an IMG.Ws Associate and has joined a Doubler program with full knowledge of how it works, you are giving your approval to a fraudulent business operation and outright thievery.

It is not necessary for any IMG.Ws Associate to participate in any illegitimate business venture. You have unlimited access to a variety of solid online and off line income opportunities. However, if you are not an IMG.Ws Associate, we recommend taking advantage of any one of the various legitimate services, products and programs that are being offered today. Simply click on this link, Independent Marketing Group.Ws, and go to our Opportunity Showcase. Leave these illegal money programs and "so-called" business opportunities alone.