Sunday, October 5, 2008

You Need To Know What You Are Saying

The Overwhelming majority of people in sales, marketing and networking have no idea what they are really saying to themselves and others. You need to know what you are really saying when you speak. For example: When you tell someone you want to go into business for yourself, do you really know what you are saying?

If you don't know, let me tell you. By definition, you are saying, "You want an occupation that generates income. Since you are going into business for yourself, you want to be your own boss. Some people are terrible bosses and that might include you. Why? Because they are or were terrible employees.

A Bad Employee Is An Even Worse Boss

If you do not have a disciplined work ethic, you absolutely will not have a disciplined management ethic. If you do not have a personal work philosophy, you absolutely will not have a personal management philosophy. If you can not work with honesty and integrity with others, you absolutely will not have integrity and/or honesty as your own boss. Now do you understand why so many businesses fail. A bad employee is an even worse manager or boss.

Ask yourself. What are the characteristics or traits of a good employee? You will discover, they are the same characteristics and traits of a good boss. Many people go into occupations (businesses) for the wrong reasons. Just because you don't want to work for someone else does not necessarily mean you have what it takes to go into business (an occupation) for yourself.

Many people need jobs or they will not survive. That's why IMG.Ws does not and will not advocate quitting your job or firing your boss to go into business (an occupation) for yourself. Why? The vast majority will fall flat on their faces. Why? They are not good employees. Many are lazy, deceitful, liars, cheats, deadbeats, immoral, undisciplined, unruly, boastful, lovers of pleasure, unreliable, untrustworthy, disloyal, lack initiative, have bad temperments, poor attitudes, little or no faith or possess a host of other unsavory character traits.

If they are educated or highly trained or skilled, they are too intellectual, socialistic, egotistical, conniving, aloof, introverted, isolated, pedantic, bookish, overly sensitive, fearful, methodical or have too many idiosyncracies. As an employee, they can and will survive on someone's job. As a self-employed individual they will absolutely fail unless they are willing to change. If any of this describes you, be willing to grow, develop and change or fail, the choice is yours.