Saturday, September 20, 2008

Truth & Integrity

When you speak the truth you will succeed in business or any endeavor in which you choose to devote your time, talents and abilities. For example, if you exaggerate an individual's problem, to increase your income, you will run into problems.

The individual can sense the lie, no matter how sincere you act. If you are caught in the lie, you may pay a severe price over and beyond the actual lie itself.
If you understate an individual's problem, you are failing to state what you know to be true. Thus, you are preventing an individual from making proper decisions.

You must look an individual in the eye and without hesitation deal with the truth. Dealing with and stating the truth allows an individual to act accordingly.

When you have spoken the truth, you have done what is right, even if the individual does not like hearing the truth. When you have the courage to call the truth the truth and speak it without fear or hesitation, you become a much more powerful force. You will discover it is much easier to hold a position on honest facts and absolute truth, than anything else.

Then the question becomes, "What is the truth? Webster defines truth as conforming to fact or reality. In business, government and interaction with others, truth is considered what you know, can prove, have observed or experienced to be an absolute fact. Real truth is the Word of YHVH (GOD). When you know this truth, you refuse to participate in lies, deceit, deception or misrepresentation of facts. Truth is an absolute. It is the same for every man, woman or child. Either it works, or it doesn't. Either it is or is not.

To gain a better understanding of truth, we must define true. According to Webster, true is being faithful to fact or reality; not false or erroneous, being real, genuine, not counterfeit or being honest. Unfortunately, what many believe and consider to be true and truth is not truth at all, but virtue, fidelity, loyalty, being consistent with one's values or being correct or accurate. As an IMGWS Associate, it is important to know truth and the value of truth. This is vitally important because it has everything to do with your personal integrity.


Webster defines integrity as uprightness of character; probity, soundness, an unimpaired state or honesty. Contrary to popular belief, integrity does not mean sticking to your personal code of conduct or adhering to what you decide is right or wrong. This is absolute madness, because every individual has his/her own belief, concept or precept as to what is right or wrong. If this were the case, the world would be in total chaos and it is not.

The reason why it is not, is because YHVH (GOD) established universal laws and principles that transcend an individual's or humanity's knowledge, capabilities, abilities, intelligence and understanding. Consequently, these laws and principles cannot be changed or altered by anyone. This is a good thing. It keeps some idiot or a "limped-brained" dictator from interfering with the natural order of all things.

Once you understand this, it is much easier to live a life filled with and controlled by personal integrity. When you live with integrity, you will succeed because you are opened and honest. Your life is uncomplicated and less stressful. You have no reason to lie and you have nothing to hide from anyone, at anytime, day or night. There is no better way to live or conduct your business affairs.