Monday, October 1, 2007

How To Avoid The Google Slap

IMG.Ws Associates don't stoop to less than honorable methods and/or means to market and/or sell your product/s, service/s and/or information. When you try to beat or cheat the public, you will always lose. There is a reason for this. People want to do business with people they can trust.

When you use unscrupulous means to market or sell you are telling everyone you are untrustworthy, unethical, unreliable and have a criminal mentality; rather than a business mentality.

On our web pages, we always combine ads and content. Because of our marketing philosophy, we do not use adwords or any other Internet based marketing service.

We build our markets, the old fashioned way - By Hard Work. We want you to succeed online the right way. Don't be afraid of WORK. Honor your commitments and do what is right all the time. In the long run, you will win. The following email we received from Mike Leinweber, will help you avoid problems with Google and any other online marketing service.

Avoid Problems
Mike Leinweber

The Google Slap: It's become one of the most dreaded phrases in an Internet advertiser's vocabulary. Google charges high premiums for links which lead to sites with low or no content. The price is determined by a quality score, so if your site is simply a list of links with no content, or poor content obviously thrown together to avoid high prices, you'll be paying through the nose for those clicks - up to $10 in some cases.

This recent attempt to improve the quality of links has many advertisers wondering how to avoid the Google Slap.
To work around the Google Slap without losing hard-earned cash, improve the quality score of your website by adding content. To avoid frustrating visitors to your website, the additional content should pertain to the links on your website. A word soup of keywords and meaningless fluff is not adding value. Instead, content must be relevant, compelling, and preferably unique. Users who are rewarded for visiting your site, are more likely to return again and again.

If you have advertising and content combined on your site you will be considered in violation of Google's terms, so it is very important to separate the two. You may require an email address prior to allowing full access to your site, how to avoid the Google Slap in this case is the provision of preview content, which allows the user to know what providing their email address will get for them.

Another way to improve your rank on Google is to place links to your page on popular websites, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your own site. When doing this, by mindful about how to avoid the google slap, which can happen if you link to ad-only web pages. A wonderful way to avoid the Google Slap would be to place a link to your page on a place like a traffic exchange.
Having problems with using google?

That is not uncommon for those just getting started with online advertising. Becoming well acquainted with Google's terms of service is crucial, because it will allow you to avoid unexpected advertising costs while taking advantage of the moneymaking opportunities that internet marketing provides.
The internet is full of sites claiming that they can tell you how to avoid the google slap.

However, simply acquainting yourself with google's terms and conditions is the best first step. For anyone trying to run a lucrative online business by advertising on Google, learning these basic rules is well worth the time and effort.
Google charges high premiums for links, which lead to sites with low or no content. This recent attempt to improve the quality of links has many advertisers wondering how to avoid the google slap.

So how do you workaround to the Google Slap without sacrificing your hard-earned cash? Participation in link exchanges can also improve your google rankings. Trading links with high traffic websites can increase traffic to your website. Avoid linking to pages with just advertisements but no real content. The beginner may have some problems with using google. But if you obey google's rules and regulations, you will not be loosing money.

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