Sunday, June 24, 2007

Falling For The Work Smart Not Hard Myth
The Number 10 Reason Why So Many Fail In Home Businesses

The biggest myth circulating in the business community today on and off the Internet is this notion of working smart not hard. In modern technological and industrialized societies people rarely work hard when compared to societies that have little or no industrial or technological development.

In their misguided and uninformed attempt to amass millions by working smarter not harder, thousands of business-minded individuals began to believe that working smarter meant using more technological aids. Others, began to believe working smarter meant cutting corners, reducing learning curves or entering into a battle of wits with potential customers.

A small, but growing, number began to believe working smarter not harder meant scamming potential entrepreneurs with pyramid schemes, junk moneymaking programs or crash and burn business ventures that were designed not to last. Others began scamming their customers.

Naturally, some of these people earned some money, but in the end they all eventually failed. Well, you ask, "What does working smarter not harder really mean?" It means you have to grow intellectually, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically to meet whatever challenge you are confronting. This translates back into that four letter word no one likes or wants to

Working smarter also means you have to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding in order to succeed in your endeavor. For some this means using more technological aids to help their business/es grow. For most, it means solving problems for others. A select few will have to use their ingenuity to design and develop new products and/or services.

For others it will mean replacing old concepts and procedures with new methods and/or techniques in order to realize greater profits or save more time or minimize physical or intellectual effort. Many will need to gain greater understanding of their market, market trends and/or the needs, wants, or desires of a targeted group of people. All this requires work and when you engage in this kind of work professionally or personally, you are truly working smarter not harder.